28 February 2006

A glass raised to Joey's dad...

I mostly post about wine here, though I read a lot of non wine-related blogs. I also read about two dozen webcomics a day (plus things like the archived L'il Abner comics), and several other websites. The good Lord blessed me with the ability to skim things pretty quickly, so I can whip through my daily intake of 118 websites in an hour or two. (Hey, as a kid I used to read two or three newspapers a day.) One website I've enjoyed for the past couple of years is run by Joey deVilla. He's a Canadian/Filipino web programmer by day, accordion player by night. Just got married to a beautiful redhead from Boston. He's a damned good writer and has some amazing stories. He has almost convinced me to take up an obscure instrument and head downtown to get free drinks and kisses from the ladies.

Today, Joey's father passed away. His father was a doctor, a man who worked hard throughout his life and helped untold numbers of people throughout his life. By all accounts a man admired by friends, family, and everyone else. And I have to admit, though I've been following the tales of his declining health over the past few months, when I opened that tab tonight and saw the picture and text, I started to cry.

So tonight, I, like I hope many bloggers, am hoisting my glass to the memory of Joey's dad. Here's to you, and the wonderful legacy you've left.

* * *

I know I've done this in the past, but in the midst of our quibblings over various grapes, we sometimes forget that wine and other alcoholic beverages are traditionally associated with various spiritual rituals: Champagne at the marriage, a beer on the 21st birthday, wine at the anniversary, spirits at the death. Let us not forget that the beverages we celebrate are sometimes meant for joy and sometimes meant for sorrow, but will always provide markers in our memory of taste and emotion.

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