08 February 2006


Three new links this week. The first is from Ricardo Brizuela of Andes Wine Zone, focusing on wines of Chile and Argentina. We had a brief e-mail exchange in broken English and my terrible Spanish. But I love the wines of that region, and he's using the same Blogger.com template as me, so how could I not link him?

The second link is a little closer to home. I got an e-mail from Fredric Koeppel of Koeppel on Wine, and decided to link him here on the site, as I always love a good story. Fredric was the restaurant reviewer for the primary Memphis newspaper for most of my childhood, my teen years, and even those young adult years until the Internet managed to wean me off the daily fishwrap. (Though I've got to admit I still enjoy the Sunday editions of papers like the Boston Globe, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, particularly over a long leisurely lunch at a Mexican restaurant with plenty of chips, salsa, and beer.)

Koeppel's got a professional site, and can obviously afford much nicer wine than the stuff I drink. I also commend him for the almost 100% use of wine label photos to accompany the reviews--if only I had the time!

The third link is to the blog of the talented Alyce Mantia. She's a wonderful woman and great cook who runs a little specialty food store here in Memphis. Pretty much THE place to go for interesting cheeses, such as the lemon Stilton and the "Purple Haze" goat cheese. She's got a great food blog that showcases creative recipes involving wonderful ingredients.

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Vino de los Andes said...

Thanks my friends. Ricardo Brizuela