25 February 2006

2003 Renwood Syrah Rosé

And for this evening's sipping wine, I'm drinking the 2003 Renwood Syrah Rosé from Amador County, California. Though it was warm and springlike yesterday, it's turned cold again and is currently below freezing. Not exactly ideal rosé weather. But I went ahead with it.

It's got good strawberry notes to it, and all around tastes like a Syrah. However, I find that it's a little strong for a rosé. In fact, it could almost pass for a CDR. I found myself wanting a little more of the full strength of a regular Syrah or more of the light fruit playfulness of a traditional rosé. I guess that's a roundabout way of saying that the balance was off. Still, not a bad wine by any stretch of the imagination, just not my favorite pink wine.

I'll also point out in this review that I recently did something stupid with a wine. I won't say which one, because honestly it didn't impact my feelings on the wine. I'd already had a glass and had written up my notes. But I was going in for a second deep sniff, and since I was watching TV at the time and not paying close attention, I treated the glass as if it were a standard one ounce sample. Force of habit from tastings. But no, it was a full glass. So I sniffed deeply as I dipped my nose into the glass and managed to snort wine up my nose. It burned, I cursed loudly, and it took a few tissues and glasses of water before I was back to normal.

For the record, I really would not recommend trying this.

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