01 March 2006

Montepulciano Profile

Several months ago I submitted a brief description of the grape Montepulciano for the website Appellation America, comparing the grape to the proprietor of a little family restaurant in Italy. And the profile is up with a fitting illustration to boot. I like how the guy looks like a friendly Tony Soprano.

Which puts an odd thought in my head... It wouldn't really fit with the idea of the show, but imagine if Tony and crew met at a cellar housing old and incredible Italian wines instead of Satriale's butcher shop. And instead of talking about the quality of the mortadella, they were arguing with one another over the Barolo. Actually, they could have done something like this and have it fit in with the Furio character that was on for a while. Mainly I'm just glad that the Sopranos is coming back on the air, and even though the series is ending I can't wait to see it.

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