25 February 2006

2004 Rock Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc

Dinner last night was vaguely Italian: campanelle (little bell shaped pasta) with roast chicken thighs, a savory cream sauce, green peas, pearl onions, and quartered campari tomatoes. However for the wine I went for something from California: the 2004 Rock Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc. Their Syrah is one of my all-time favorite wines; versatile, tasty, and affordable. The Sauvignon Blanc did not let me down.

Made in the Central Coast/Sonoma region, Rock Rabbit only produces those two wines. And while it's cool to have a dozen varietals and various price levels (table/estate/reserve/etc.), it's also amazing to find a winery that's so committed to producing two wines so well.

The Sauvignon Blanc is light and fruity, in the style of New Zealand but without the grapefruit flavors. Instead, we tasted peach and hints of lemon. It's an easy drinking wine, and while I served it chilled, it was also delicious at room temperature. And at $10, it's a classy bargain.

I think this would really shine with shellfish, pasta, and a salad including fresh fruit.

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