31 May 2010

Villa Pozzi Wines

For the past couple of years, I've been the first result on Google for Villa Pozzi, a winery based out of Sicily. I don't use any SEO strategies, but when this happens I get a lot of traffic and e-mails related to the individual wine. As of today, the one post I did on Villa Pozzi is the fourth most popular I've written, with 4,000 page views.

Likewise, I sometimes hear from winemakers themselves. These affordable IGT wines are made on the west side of Sicily by Daniele Pozzi, a fourth-generation winemaker. He'd noticed my old review of his Nero d'Avola and sent me samples of his current releases.

2008 Villa Pozzi Merlot
$10, 13.5% abv.
This bottle starts off somewhat closed, but give it half an hour to breathe. It opens up to breathe and reveal big plum flavors, chocolate, and a touch of coffee.

2008 Villa Pozzi Cabernet Sauvignon
$10, 13.5% abv.
This is a pretty standard Cabernet Sauvignon that is smoother than you might expect from a warmer climate. Black cherry, oak, touch of toast, smooth, low tannins.

2009 Villa Pozzi Pinot Grigio
$10, 12.5% abv
Previously made from Veneto grapes, this wine is now made on Sicily like the others. An interesting green tomato/green pepper relish aroma, rich and herbal. Great match for fish that's been poached with a little fennel and vermouth.

2008 Villa Pozzi Nero d'Avola
$10, 13.5% abv
By far my favorite, and this grape has an interesting underground popularity now. I always smile when I see it on a wine list or sitting on a shelf, because it is a little sign that someone is thinking outside the box. This has that cherry pie aroma that I encounter from time to time--bright cherry aromas, mixed with a toasted pastry crust undertone. Lovely little hints of prune and mint. Smooth and fruity with a touch of tannins on the finish. I enjoyed it with a simple dinner of some grilled salsiccia, peppers, and a bit of bread.

Note: These wines were received as samples from Villa Pozzi.

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Ugljesa said...

Just brought home three different bottles of this, they were on sale..

Came home, googled it and indeed - your website turned up first.

You are right about cabernet so far, which was first one I openned;

Now lets explore the rest of this site...