26 September 2011


My previous post was CMXCIX. This one is M.

It's not a review of Fritz Lang's 1931 classic M, though I did get to watch that in my high school German class, and it was the first time I got to watch a foreign language film without subtitles and kind of know what was going on.

This is the obligatory thousandth post notification, which happened to fall between the wistful 35th birthday musings and the 7th anniversary of the blog in January (remember, the traditional gifts are wool and copper). I try not to do too many of these filler clip episodes, but I think my percentage of new content over the years is pretty impressive. Also, I still haven't missed a post on the three per week schedule. If anything I've tossed in a few extra here and there over the years

I'm currently sitting on two dozen wines that need to be reviewed, but in a rare move I'm writing this post right before publishing, and a tornado is on the way. I'm on the back porch with a wonderful martini, listening to the sirens, and watching the clouds roil and the lightning flash. This cell is passing north of Casa de Benito, but we've got one or two more on the way.

Thanks as always for reading, and if I end up in Oz I'll be reporting on whatever the Munchkins are making these days. Frankly I thought the 2008 Lollipop Guild Cuvée was a major disappointment. I have better hopes for the 2010 unoaked Chardonnay release of Yellow Brick. The biodynamic stuff from the guys at Flying Monkey Cellars is just insane.

P.S. That's the actual radar shot from around my time of posting at 1700 CDT. It's like a freight train of storms aimed right at Memphis. Gotta post before the power goes out.


Maribeth Clemente said...

Hi Ben,

Wow, 1,000 posts---that's more than impressive. Plus all that wine drinking. Would love to have you as a guest on my Travel Fun radio show. I often post those interviews as podcasts at my blog, www.BonjourColorado.com. I'm sure you have lots to say. Congrats on your anniversary!


P.S. Still keep forgetting to try the little pickles and cocktail onions in my pinot grigio.

Benito said...


Thanks for reading, Maribeth, and I'll be in touch about the podcast.

I wouldn't suggest putting pickled okra or cocktail onions in your Pinot Grigio, but they go well as appetizers, and of course you can do a modified martini with a splash of PG in place of the vermouth and then use the pickled onion or okra as garnish in the drink.


Carolyn Blakeslee said...

Congratulations, Ben. I always enjoy what you have to say, and 1,000 posts is a neat achievement.

Did any tornadoes actually touch down? Are you okay?


Benito said...


Many thanks, and no, we were clear on the tornados. We get a lot of false alarms around here, but tornados are chaotic and it's always good to be prepared.