12 September 2011

2010 El Raval

As summer draws to a close, I know I'm excited about getting to enjoy more red wines. As much as I love the whites, ros├ęs, and sparklers, the searing heat of a Memphis summer means that often I'm not in the mood for a red. Fortunately things have cooled off a bit. Across Tennessee, people are saying, "This is great--can we just stop right here and stay like this for the rest of the year?

From the company that made Bogatell comes this red blend named after a barrio in Barcelona. Raval is the Catalan word for suburb, derived from the Arabic rabad meaning neighborhood. About 8% of Spanish is comprised of Arabic loanwords. What's always surprised me is how mundane most of the words are. Alb├│ndigas are meatballs, and the notorious alcatraz just means pelican.

2010 El Raval
Montsant D.O.
$13, 14% abv.
80% Grenache, 20% Carignan

Chocolate and leather, smooth with some blueberry flavors. Creamy, soft finish. It's ready to go right after opening the bottle, and I served it with seared flank steak and seasoned rice. Pleasant and mild wine that's great for a quiet evening at home.

Note: This wine was received as a sample.

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