25 April 2011

2010 Bogatell Garnacha Blanca

Grenache Blanc (or in this case, Garnacha Blanca) is the fifth most widely planted grape in France and popular in Northern Spain, but it's not something that you see by itself that often. It's typically used as a blending grape to go along with Rhone-style wines. But whenever you get an opportunity to try a grape like that on its own, jump at it. It's a great way to isolate what that grape can bring to a wine.

2010 Bogatell Garnacha Blanca
Terra Alta
100% Garnacha Bianca
$11, 12.5% abv.

The initial impression is of bright grapefruit aromas. Not overwhelming like some Sauvignon Blancs, but still dominant. After a few swirls and warming, additional aromas of lime peel and flowers emerge. It has tart acidity, with a clean, bright body, and a crisp finish. I've always felt that a really good white wine needs to perform well both cool and at room temperature, and this one passes the test. As far as a dinner pairing goes, I find myself wanting something like quail or game hen with this--some sort of small poultry with a creamy sauce.

The name Bogatell comes from a beach in Barcelona, reflecting Savorian owner Elke de la Sota's 12 years of living in Barcelona. On that note, here are some summer and winter views of the Bogatell beach courtesy of Elke. (I Googled around for some other photos, but didn't want to have to put up a warning due to the delightfully lax rules regarding bathing suits.) Being of the pale and quiet persuasion, the winter shot looks absolutely perfect to me.

Note: This wine was received as a sample.

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