06 October 2008

Roasted Turkey Breast

For a recent Sunday evening dinner I picked up a boneless turkey breast. The ones in that link are both sides of the breast, but mine was a half portion, giving it the exact size, shape, and weight of a human forearm sans the radius and ulna. Fortunately I'm not squeamish in the slightest and was happy to truss this and marinate it before roasting. I rubbed it with barbecue sauce and pepper before roasting, and served it in ¼" slices with steamed broccolini and scoops of Juan Canary melon, which tastes like banana and pineapple and cantaloupe all mixed together.

For the wine, I decided on the 2006 Henry's Drive Pillar Box White from Padthaway, South Australia. $10, 12% abv. 66% Chardonnay, 20% Sauvignon Blanc, 14% Verdelho. Rich fruit flavors of apricot, orange peel, and yellow raisin. An excellent minimalist label based off old postal boxes, though I would have matched the Bauhaus aesthetic with a proper sanserif font like Helvetica, Avant Garde, or Century Gothic.

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