27 October 2008

2005 Lachini La Bestia

For this week leading up to Halloween, I have a trio of spooky beverage reviews. First up is one whose name translates from the Italian as "The Beast", and the little script lower down reads Puro Sangue or "Pure Blood". Bonus points go to the classic werewolf woodcut on the label, though I can happily report that lycanthropy is not a side effect of drinking the 2005 Lachini La Bestia, a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Red Mountain AVA of Washington State. 14.9% abv, $45. And good luck finding it, because there were only 120 cases made. (This was a gift from my former boss, and thanks go out to the staff at Great Wines for picking it out.)

This is a really spectacular wine. Black currant, pepper, and cedar aromas, with a mild and smooth plum flavor and a touch of tannins on the start. One of those rich and complex wines you spend a lot of time sniffing and swirling over the course of a few hours. While I received it a few months ago, I just got around to trying it with a strip steak, asparagus in a sherry vinaigrette, and fresh pineapple. I'm anxious to try some of the other selections from Lachini, of which I've heard great things.


Michael Hughes said...


I'm so glad you got to experience this wine. It is truly one of the few amazing bottles that I've had. Yes without a doubt you should try Lachini's other bottlings. While pricey, they do deliver exceptional quality. We have just a couple bottles left of the La Bestia at Joe's Wines if you ever want some more!

Benito said...


Might take you up on that... I've been meaning to get out to Joe's.

I don't really do scores or top ten lists on this site, but the La Bestia would definitely be in the #1 position for wines I've tried 2008.