03 October 2008

Disaronno Sour

We've all seen the Disaronno commercial featuring the waif sucking on an ice cube. Outside of dessert I'd never had Amaretto before, and someone gave me an old half bottle of Disaronno. Out of the various cocktails suggested on the company website, the Sour seemed the most appealing.

To make a Disaronno Sour, you use one part Disaronno liqueur and three parts sour mix (as is used for margaritas). If you've got a bit of free time and are so inclined, you can make your own sour mix out of three parts water and three parts sugar (cooked together to make simple syrup) combined with two parts lemon juice and two parts lime juice. I did make my own, and decided on 75mL homemade sour mix and 25mL Disaronno. Stirred in a tumbler with ice and garnished with a cherry.

I took a sip and immediately felt sugar crystallize on my teeth and my fillings began to hurt. Damn it was sweet. Frankly too sweet to drink. This one was too heavy on the sugar and too light on the spirits, and while the lemon, lime, and almond flavors were delicious it was hard to get past the sweetness.

Recommendation: if you know somebody that likes to drink honey straight out of the jar, I would highly suggest this cocktail. For everyone else, I suggest you check out my drier cocktail recipes. If you have a bottle of this, a splash on the rocks is far more satisfying. The so called "Disaronno Martini" is naught but an abomination of Amaretto and orange juice shaken together. Drink it as you wish, but don't call it a Martini.

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