02 July 2008


As a child of the 80s, I can remember states like East Germany and South Africa being off limits. Not that my bicycle could take me to either place, but both were vaguely forbidden and later I learned about blockades and walls and embargoes.

The peppadew comes from a random mutation in the fields of South Africa, and unlike the gold or diamonds (or wine, to some extent) of that nation, there's no political considerations involved. This little red pepper is so sweet and cherry-flavored that you'll swear it's been soaked in Kool-Aid. And while there's a burst of sweetness on the front, the peppers have a pleasant bite on the back end. I imagine that stuffed with buffalo mozzarella and a bit of ham and basil these are divine.

I picked these up in the olive bar at a local Kroger. I expect to start seeing peppadews more often--sort of the chipotle of this food fad cycle.


Barbara said...

They sell them stuffed in the supermarkets here and in NZ. Ridiculously expensive. I've bought them in jars and stuffed them myself. A bit fiddly but cheaper.

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with peppadews last summer at my cousins house. She had them stuffed with a cheese mixture. Couldn't get the recipe, shucks...However, I stuff my peppadews with mozzarella balls and basil and let them soak in their juice for about an hour. I have even stuffed peppadews with Allouette cheese and put them back in the jar and have served 24 hours later. O.K. A wine choice?

Stanfill said...

I totally love these sweet and spicy little peppers. They are so tasty-when stuffed with goat cheese. Yummy yummy!