11 July 2008

2007 Twin Vines Vinho Verde

I fixed a shellfish lunch for The Roommate and her mother last weekend. Florida pink shrimp and snow crab legs, plus a few ears of striking red corn. Deeper, earthier flavor than yellow or white sweet corn. Think about the difference between green and purple cabbage. Easy cooking all around--I just kept a big steamer pot going and tossed things in the basket as needed, and all of it could be eaten with fingers. The only thing missing was about three dozen raw oysters, but I don't particularly enjoy shucking them at home.

Based on the heat of the day and the food on the table, I pulled out a chilled bottle of the 2007 Twin Vines Vinho Verde, $10, 10% abv. 42% Loureiro, 39% Trajadura, 19% Pedernã. The bottle looks empty but it's full--Portuguese "green wine" is a very mild, light style, with low alcohol and a slightly fizzy body. Mild lemon flavors, comparable to a Pinot Grigio. But at least it's something new and different for most folks, whereas there's usually enough PG in a town to fill the water tower.

Also, due to the mild flavor and low alcohol, this is a great wine for friends and family that don't drink wine often. It's not sweet, but it's not totally dry either. And it will pair with just about any dish, so consider bringing a bottle to the next BBQ to throw in the cooler with the Coors Light and Diet Cokes.

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