23 July 2008

2005 Sullivan Vineyards Pink Ink

I was in the mood for Italian and lucked out on a few items at the Farmers Market. The pasta came from the grocery store, but the garlic, greens, lady peas, and tomatoes came from local farmers. Add in some crawfish tails, toss it all up with brown butter, hit it with some grated cheese and you're in business.

I've been having good luck with pasta and dry rosé, so I picked the 2005 Sullivan Vineyards Pink Ink from Napa. $18, 13.8% abv. 80% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot. Slightly tannic, with lemon and cranberry flavors. Excellent tartness without puckering the mouth.

Still not convinced on rosé? Still traumatized by horrible White Zinfandel and pink wine spritzers? Dry rosé just overtook white wine in French wine sales, becoming the most popular style of wine. Yes, bottles the shade of a summer sunset have become the vins du jour in old Gaul, and them fellers know wine.

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Phaser 8550 ink said...

I myself am a big wine lover.. I have been going to most of the vineyards near where I live for quite some time already.. Great location to take a date to or to simply take a trip in a hot air balloon since they have that available near by :)