25 June 2007

First Harvest

Here's a shot of my first harvest of the season, on June 21, 2007. That's a cayenne pepper and three Sun Gold tomatoes. I'm growing the cayennes in a pot, and I discovered that they're pretty hot. Maybe too little and hot for cooking purposes, so I'm either going to dry them and grind them up into powder or pickle them for future use. Of course, if you've got any sinus troubles eating a raw cayenne will definitely clear you out.

The Sun Golds are some of the cherry tomatoes I grew last year that sprouted up in the mystery garden. More updates will follow this week--lots of fruit on the vine!

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Papa Squirrel said...

Congrats on the bounty! We are keeping an eye on our first Cubanelle pepper. We also have one tiny squash and quite a few tomato blossoms. It looks like we are finally catching up after our late start. I can't wait to see what else you bring in from the garden.