12 June 2007

Blog Challenge

Two weekends ago I got to meet the fine folks from Edible Therapy
and Squirrel Squad Squeeks. Papa Squirrel decided to tag me for one of those little blog challenges that go around the web now and then. I'll happily answer the tag, but I'll pass on forwarding it along.

The challenge: seven random facts about yourself. Here goes...

  • The only piece of original art I have hanging in my house is shown at right. Untitled by Vicki Loines, ca. 1999, 18"x24". Chalk on some sort of textured black artboard. I used to work with Vicki, and she gave it to me as a gift. Ever since, it has terrified guests. Despite the dark theme, she was was one of the happiest and friendliest people I've ever known, and it actually cheers me up.
  • My first experience with food-based gardening was picking strawberries at my grandparents' house in Nashville back when I was six. Needless to say, I had strawberry juice running down my chin the whole time.
  • I'm fond of photography, but primarily of non-human subjects. Reference the photo at right of a honeybee perched on a clover blossom. Granted, I had to pop him in the fridge to calm him down before the shoot, but he was released unharmed into my backyard.
  • I've been to 29 states in the US and to Europe twice, but I've never been to New York or Los Angeles. I'll get around to them eventually.
  • I also love astronomy, and have my own little reflecting telescope. The attached image wasn't taken through the scope, but rather using my beloved Fujifilm S5000 digital camera. This picture of the moon was taken on January 27, 2004.
  • I'm a certified operator of the HP Indigo 5000 digital press, even though I haven't touched one in quite a while.
  • At the age of 8, I sat on Santa's lap for the last time when I froze up and asked for a smoke detector because it seemed like a sensible request. At the age of 17, I wore a Santa suit for the first time as part of a charity function at a nursing home. I've worn it a few times since.

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Skeeter said...

A smoke detector?? That’s is priceless.