27 March 2006

Wine Library TV

I think this might be the first wine-related video podcast out there... Gary Vaynerchuk of the New Jersey-based Wine Library (online and brick & mortar store) puts out a series of informational videos on various wine topics. In an e-mail, I told Gary that watching the videos felt like the conversations I have with the more experienced personnel at my local wine shops.

So without further ado, I present Wine Library TV. Check it out and let Gary know what you think in the comments.

Side note: Wine Blogging Wednesday is a lot of fun, but I've always thought it would be cool to do a sort of "book club" thing. Announce a widely available wine, have everyone buy it ahead of time, and then at some designated date and time, everyone uncorks the bottle and starts posting their opinions in the same thread.


Andrew said...

The problem there of course is getting the same wine in front of everyone; many of the wines you have access to are not available here in the UK and vice versa.

I am about to start a new wine event - all we have is Wine Blogging Wednesday so I am sure another one can slide in the schedule. I am still setting the details, with Beau of Basic Juice, but it will involve recreating a recipe once a month, selecting a wine to accompany and seeing if the match 'works'. It is sort of like an aid for non-wine people (food bloggers seldom mention wine to match their creations) find good matches for a dish.

Perhaps you would like to join in?

Moyey said...

If it helps, I intend relatively soon to have a live chat available on www.extremewining.com. The transcripts of these chats could then be posted into a blog.