28 January 2006

Jean-Paul Trocadero Blanc de Blancs NV

Rainy afternoon, good book, why not settle back with a bargain sparkler... The Jean-Paul Trocadero Blanc de Blancs is $8 of fun in traditional packaging. It comes from the Savoie (Savoy) region in southeast France near the Alps. It's interesting how whenever we think about French wines we're thinking about regions that relate to ancient kingdoms and principalities, yet how many of us can name any of the actual departments where the wine is made? Anyway, this is all Chardonnay, a bit on the sweet side, but pleasant. The aroma and flavor are overwhelmingly comprised of green apples and lemon, sort of like when I was a kid and Mom would cut up a Granny Smith apple, squirt lemon juice over it, and put it in a bag for my school lunch. Slightly musky finish. Really begs for a firm, sharp English cheddar. An excellent wine for any fan of hard cider.

1 comment:

Mom said...

I'm going to disagree, this sparkler is perfect for an easy night of fun, not everyone wants to be a wine snob 24/7. If you want something more serious go out and pick up some Veuve Clicquot.