23 January 2006

2005 Roundup

A look back at 2005... In the US, "roundup" either refers to the gathering of cattle or a particularly potent herbicide used to kill weeds (and which, as a child, made my little brother break out in hives). I'm sticking to the metaphorical usage of the first definition.

A quick glance over the reviews of 2005 reveals that I wrote about some 450 wines. That's not an exact count; a couple were duplicates, yet others were wines I used for dinner parties whose reviews aren't directly linked by this blog anymore and thus weren't counted. So I think 450 is a good number, and damn, what a number! And that's not even counting the various liquors and beers that I sampled over the year... I either need to write a book or enter a 12 step program.

To concerned friends, relatives, and potential parole officers: almost all of those were tasted in one-ounce portions.

I'd like to think that the past year has been an incredible education into the world of wine. If I were referring to a language, I'd say that at the beginning I knew basic phrases, yet now I can carry on a detailed conversation. I'm by no means fluent yet, but I'm working on it.

Cheers to all of my readers, and here's to the rest of 2006!

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