06 September 2013

End of Summer Update

Did you Have a Summah? Despite the calendar, I don't really consider summer over until I start seeing leaves drop from trees. Seeing as how many of us here in our fair River City can still be mowing the grass in November, it's hard to believe that summer ended on Labor Day.

In previous years, I've written about summer doldrums, but this year it's the exact opposite. I'm sitting on ten wine reviews (3-4 bottles each), and more showed up today. On top of that, I got to write a really fun article about pork for Serious Eats.

Oh, and I received a little award from Mill├ęsima, a French website that sells Bordeaux futures. The US arm of the site claimed me as their Favorite Wine Tasting Blog for 2014.

Finally, I field tested these red Solo cup wine glasses and found them to be perfectly serviceable. Don't be afraid to have a little fun with your wine from time to time.

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