07 September 2012

Summer Brews

Fear not, dear readers, this wine blog has not abandoned wine. Due to the blistering heat, some wineries and PR firms are deliberately holding back on shipping samples, and I applaud that decision. I've also turned down some samples of wines I've already tried this year and suggested other winebloggers who might enjoy them.

I've been enjoying this late summer beer craving that has done been flung upon me, and happily it coincides with a lot of neat bottles hitting the shelves of my local stores. For this post I grabbed a pair of bottles that are limited editions aimed directly at the summah market, incorporating paler brews with citrus flavors. See how they fared in these two mini-reviews...

Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit
Abita Springs, Louisiana
5.1% abv.

I generally like orange-spice beers, but this one is too subtle. Even the coriander barely shows up. Satsumas are low on sugar and acidity, and you can't taste a lot of the orange until the aftertaste much later. It is a very tasty summer beer, with just a little bit of sweetness, but it's nothing like the true joy of biting into a ripe Satsuma.

BridgePort Summer Squeeze Bright Ale
Portland, Oregon
4.5% abv.

Flavored with lemongrass and yuzu, a tart citrus fruit from Asia. This one brought the tart, bitter, rich flavor that I was craving. Delicious and complex and highly recommended for Indian or Thai or Vietnamese food. Even better when you can hold the condensation-beaded bottle against your head to cool off from the ambient heat and the punch of the peppers in the dish.

Winner by a longshot: the BridgePort. Highly recommended, and grab a squeeze bottle of Sriracha when you pick up a sixer this weekend.


Joe said...

but the Satsuma pairs well with pelican.

Benito said...


Years ago, one of my great uncles was sunning himself on a Florida beach when a pelican soared overhead on a low pass and painted him from shoulder to ankle. Can't say that I've ever looked at one of the beasts since then and thought, "Hmmmm... tasty!"