28 September 2012

The Label Project

I would call this the ultimate blind tasting, but that title is still held by Fredric's epic Petite Sirah Blind Tasting in 2007, still one of my favorite wine memories of all time. The Label Project is a curious exercise in wine marketing to bloggers: a trio of blank bottles without any solid information, one that started out with a copy of J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye as a mysterious first clue. (Given the association with a few very public assassinations, I was mildly disturbed, but even more curious.)

The backs of the labels say "Produce of Australia" with the alcohol content, but no other details. All three have screwcaps and the same front labels. The included documentation was printed on American 8.5"x11" paper instead of A4, another vexing clue. After all, the Australia info only means that the wine was made there; the grapes could have come from anywhere. But I'm pretty sure we're dealing with Oz wines due to the "Railway Crossing" sign and red soil picture clues. (I'm keeping the rest of my guesses secret until the reveal.)

Each of the wines were packaged in individual wooden boxes with wood straw shavings. One had little tasting sprays, another included some fake Polaroids and additional clue cards, and the third included a box of chocolates spelling out the name (as seen at top).

Wine #1
12.5% abv.
A white in a Burgundy bottle. Creamy and delicious, light and mineral. Mild fruit and balanced but floral structure.

Wine #2
14.1% abv.
This and wine #3 are in Bordeaux bottles, which tend to imply Merlot/Cab Sav wines, but could also be Syrah or Zinfandel or damned near anything else. This one has mild black cherry aromas with hints of white pepper and cedar. Light tannins but a tart raspberry finish.

Wine #3
14% abv.
Cassis, leather, and a touch of leather and tobacco leaf. Firmer tannins and a longer finish tinged with stewed fruit.

I'll update this post when I find out the raw truth...

Note: These wines were received as samples.

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