24 September 2012

Nashville's Blackstone Brewery

Nashville's Blackstone Brewery was founded in 1994 and currently operates a brewpub in the city. The website is being rebuilt right now, but I was excited to see some of their products making their way to the Memphis market. They recently got the contract to brew St. Louis' Schafly for regional distribution.

Blackstone Picnic English-Style Summer Ale
5.2% abv.
A light and refreshing beer, with just the right balance of crispness and mild bitterness. Good pairing with seafood dishes.

Blackstone Nut Brown Ale
5.6% abv.
Relatively close to Newcastle but with deeper malt flavors. Balanced bitterness and a long finish that would be incredible with a grilled burger.

Blackstone American Pale Ale
5.3% abv.
My bitter favorite of the group, with strong, lip-smacking hoppiness and a long, tangy finish. Little spice and citrus notes make it even better. Serve with something like grilled chicken and pineapple where the bitterness and sweetness can play off each other.

Blackstone St. Charles Porter
5.8% abv.
A deep, chocolate-influenced beer with rich malts. Dark brown and slow-drinking, I think it will be even better in the winter months. Definitely a great one for a steak, like a... porterhouse.

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