10 September 2012

Rosemary-Meyer Lemon Margarita

I recently tried an all organic margarita mix. Just lime juice, and agave syrup, but it was really disappointing. Too sweet, out of balance, and despite the floating bits of pulp, it was nothing like fresh squeezed. When I make a pitcher of margaritas, I tend to err on the side of tartness, and provide a squeeze bottle of simple syrup (if anyone wants it sweeter) and a bottle of club soda (if anyone wants it weaker and bubblier).

For my little birthday gathering this weekend, I made a simple yet delicious margarita. It's not my own invention, but I've seen it so many places that I can't credit the original inventor.

Rosemary-Meyer Lemon Margarita
3 parts Silver Tequila
3 parts fresh-squeezed Meyer lemon juice
2 parts Triple Sec

Simply combine and stir, and pour over ice. The sprig of rosemary is optional--I love the herbal flavor (and the second glass tastes even better than the first), but some find the piney elements off-putting and don't enjoy getting poked in the nose with a twig.


Paul M. Jones said...

This looks gorgeous.

Mark said...

Will definitely give it a try!

Benito said...

Paul & Mark (plus the other apostles if you're reading),

Highly recommended and dead simple. You'll never drink that neon green swill again.