12 September 2012

FishEye White Wines

These FishEye wines from Australia are inexpensive and available in multiple formats.

Each of the following wines can be found for $7 (750mL bottle), $12 (1.5L magnum), and $18 (3L Octavin box). That's $9.33/L, $8/L, and $5/L respectively if you're doing some bargain party planning.

2011 FishEye Riesling
12.5% abv.

Not really recognizable as a Riesling. Very mild green apple aroma with low acidity and a round mouthfeel. I found myself drinking it with a spicy Chinese pork and noodle dish.

2011 FishEye Moscato
13% abv.

Pear nectar, a nice bit of acidity and not as sweet as you'd think. Quite pleasant, and my favorite of the trio. I preferred it chilled at the end of a long hot day.

2011 FishEye Chardonnay
13% abv.

Fruity but dry with peach and apricot notes. A decent chicken salad Chardonnay for the mid-week bottle.

Note: These wines were received as samples.

1 comment:

steven majewski said...

This wine sucks, tastes like there are additives. Only had the Moscato though. I will stick to local wines!