11 June 2012

Wines of Rosa d'Oro

Rosa d'Oro is based in Kelseyville, California and has been in the wine business since 1953, as well as producing olive oil and vinegar. They specialize in a lot of interesting Italian grapes that seem to thrive in the local region. I last sampled the products of this winery back in 2009 and was delighted to have the opportunity to try some different bottles.

2011 Rosa d'Oro Muscat
Yolo County
60% Moscato Giallo, 40% Muscat Canelli
$16, 12.5% abv.
Not as sweet as you may think, but full of the musky and honey tones you've come to love from Muscat grapes. A deep golden color and a heavenly aroma match up with balanced acidity and a clean finish. An outstanding first course or salad course wine, particularly with shellfish.

2010 Rosa D'Oro Montepulciano
Tracy Hills - Mt. Oso Vineyards
100% Montepulciano
$20, 13.8% abv.
Ah, the wine that I served with my BBQ goat tacos... Soft and mild with bright cherry flavors and a smooth body, just a touch of raspberry tartness and a light finish. Something about Montepulciano and BBQ just goes together in my mind. The great thing about this grape is that it is mild but holds up to smoked meat very well, and everybody loves a good food-friendly red.

2010 Rosa d'Oro Sagrantino
Tracy Hills - Oso Vista Vineyards
100% Sagrantino
$24, 14.4% abv.
Like the Montepulciano, there were only four barrels of this wine made. That's 96 cases or 1152 bottles, so few people will get the opportunity to try this wine. I had fun serving it to Julia alongside a more mass-produced California red, and she kept going back to the Sagrantino because it had so much more character. Amazing dark fruit and spice, with plum and black pepper and firm but balanced tannins. It's great for swirling and thinking about an hour after dinner as well... Highly recommended if you are lucky enough to snag one of the bottles.

Note: These wines were received as samples.

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