16 June 2010

The Cocktails of Sex and the City 2

I have not seen Sex and the City 2. I was a fan of the original series but I think I can wait for this one to roll around on TV in a year or so. The show was notorious for catapulting the Cosmopolitan into a nationwide phenomenon. Since everything about the second movie had to be bigger and flashier, nine signature cocktails were created for the main characters.

During our recent dinner, Lady A. had inquired about the Glamour Gal (Carrie's cocktail) and suggested I try it out. Fortunately, it happens to be the only practical recipe out of the bunch. (Really, they seem to formulated for event nights at bars and restaurants, where you can buy things like tangerine juice and rose petals in bulk.) Most of them involve flavored vodkas--I'm not keeping a dozen of those around. A few are simple Champagne cocktails but those really work best for a party. The less said about the Mr. Manhattan the better, for when its ingredients are mentioned aloud, heaven's angels look down and weep.

Let's get on with the show...

Glamour Gal
2 oz. SKYY vodka
½ oz. fresh lemon juice
½ oz. fresh lime juice
½ oz. simple syrup or 1 tsp. sugar
Drop of Crème de Cassis

Rim a crystallized Swarovski martini glass with Crème de Cassis and sugar. Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into the martini glass. Finish the cocktail with a drop of Crème de Cassis on top.

Since the Swarovski martini glasses run upwards of $175 each, I felt a more pedestrian substitute would be appropriate. It may not be fully glamourous but should get the job done. Otherwise, this is a nicely balanced cocktail. Classic ingredients, fresh fruit, sweet/sour elements, and creative application of the currant liqueur. A few words of advice: you may want to add a bit more sugar to cut the edge of the citrus. Also, rimming the glass with Crème de Cassis and sugar produces a mess that runs down the outside of the glass. I skipped it for the photo because it didn't look good or positively impact the flavor of the cocktail. If you really want that purple, crusty rim, you might need to cook down the liqueur to a syrup and then dip and rim.

Overall, it is refreshing, and while not my favorite of all time, it's in the right tradition of mixology. Frankly, if you have a big enough bottle of Crème de Cassis you can just keep pouring and give it a stir, resulting in a darker but even more well balanced cocktail.


Samantha Dugan said...

I'm with you on waiting for it to hit the small screen, just looks too cheesy for me this one. The cocktail however sounds quite nice and I am wondering how it would taste if you used Creme de Violet in place of the Cassis....might have to try that.

Benito said...


I've never had Crème de Violette, but I've had to promise myself not to get a bottle. I've got too many ingredients as it is, and some haven't been touched in months.

My biggest advice with this cocktail is add more sugar and more Cassis. Otherwise it's too tart and rough.


fredric koeppel said...

"tart and rough" -- doesn't that describe the characters in the Sex and the City phenomenon.

Benito said...


Ha! If you go back and watch any of the episodes from the first two seasons, the characters are practically unrecognizable from today's versions. But I'm not really the target demographic...


Joe said...

damn...realized how many posts I've missed reading. Sorry, boss.

I'm going to take this movie and unapologetically lock it in the vault with "Titanic"...the vault titled "movies I never intend to see"

Drink looks good, though.

Benito said...


Well, you've been busy recently. :)

This cocktail could be mixed into a big pink lemonade-looking pitcher. I'd say serve it over some crushed ice if you've got it--I don't know about Georgia, but it's hotter than Hell's boiler room up in Memphis right now. Times like this require something crisp and cold.


Joe said...

oh, it's hot, my friend. Hotter'n a dancin' bobcat on fire.