17 April 2007

2005 Becker Vineyards "Iconoclast" Cabernet Sauvignon

I spent last week in Dallas on a business trip. I didn't have much time to spend looking around the city, but I did hike three miles north of the hotel to purchase a bottle of Texas wine. And on the way home to Memphis, my luggage took a detour to Orlando. Despite all of that, the 2005 Becker Vineyards "Iconoclast" Cabernet Sauvignon held up quite well and I was able to enjoy it with dinner Sunday night.

For $10, this was a great little wine. Full fruit flavors, strong blueberries and black grape on the palate. Surprisingly light tannins, medium dry, and decent spice on the finish. For the meal, I cut apart a 1½lb Porterhouse into three portions: the filet, and then two equal pieces of the strip, each roughly ½lb. I used the method laid out in the latest issue of Cook's Illustrated. Basically, you cut thick steaks into half pound portions, tie into rounds, roast at 275°F until around 100°F internal temperature, then finish them off in a hot stainless steel skillet. The method is sound, but good marinating beforehand and heavy seasoning is recommended to provide the desired saltiness.

The recipe suggests a finishing sauce; I've tried this twice and haven't done the sauce, but I did use some butter blended with fresh sage from my garden to top the finished steaks. I've almost taken to carrying a sage leaf around with me just to sniff it every now and then.

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Anonymous said...

I agree! I just returned from a trip to the Becker Vineyard and picked up the Iconoclast, along with many others. Wonderful, easy drinking and a lighter cab sav.