22 April 2007

2004 Col Sandago Prosecco

2004 Col Sandago Prosecco from the Veneto region of Italy. $15. Perfect with king crab legs, as the lemony crispness helped cut through the rich meat and savory clarified butter. Just a hint of pear and ginger on the finish.

For those who haven't discovered the joys of Prosecco, go out and buy one now. A lot of people get nervous about sparkling wines, thinking they're only for special occasions or for foods like caviar. But Proseccos are a great bargain and go well with all sorts of casual, fun foods. And though I've had some bad generic sparklers from California, I've never had a bad Prosecco. Want a better match than crab legs? How about fried calamari and a nice antipasto platter.

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