15 April 2007

2004 Bohemian Highway Merlot

Another entry in the bargain wine category: the 2004 Bohemian Highway Merlot. $6, St. Helena, California. Lots of cherry, jammy, a little tart and tannic. Nothing terribly great or bad here, just an everyday wine. Looks like it's made in California for the Australian Foster's Group, a conglomerate that covers wine, beer, and spirits. I point out these large corporate connections on this blog not out of any personal feelings one way or the other, but rather out of my own curiosity about various business relationships.

When it comes to domestic wine, I tend not to care as much about conglomerates but rather individual styles. When it comes to foreign wines, I'll follow my own curiosity but in a pinch it's always nice to follow an importer like Dan Philips or Kermit Lynch.

I realize I should have served this with some bean sprouts and wheat germ paste, or other hippie fare, but if memory serves correct, I tossed back a glass of this with a burger after work.

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