26 June 2005

Weekend Wines

Friday night, I grabbed a bottle of the 2003 Bogle Chardonnay, ostensibly for the purposes of cooking. However, it turned out to be a great little sipper. Even though there's some barrel fermentation, you really don't taste it. There's a sweeter, fresh fruit taste that was unexpected (as opposed to the old overripe fruit you get in a lot of Chardonnay). Highly recommended. $10.

Saturday afternoon, I made an impulse purchase of the Bouvet Ladubay Rosé Excellence, a Loire sparkling wine made solely from Cabernet Franc. This is a very rare thing, and the only other sparkling Cabernet Franc I've ever seen was a thing of pure magic I had at a dinner party last year. Unfortunately, I wasn't really impressed with this wine. There was little or no flavor, just heavy fizz and a bitter aftertaste from the notoriously tannic grape. Beautiful color, but ultimately disappointing. $15.

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