20 June 2005

Tasting Notes for June 16, 2005

Odd tasting from the past Thursday, run by a local distributor. These are all wines carried exclusively in this market by his company.

Wine 1: 2004 Las Brisas Rueda. Spain. An unusual white wine--50% Verdejo (same as Verdelho), 25% Viura, and 25% Sauvignon Blanc. Strong aroma of ripe fruit on top, pears and grapefruit. Nicely sweet, a little bitter on the finish. I grabbed a bottle for later consumption, and I can say that it's much better with food than on its own. $10.

Wine 2: 2003 Sebastiani Sonoma County Chardonnay. California. A little buttered toast aroma, hints of apple and light fruit on the palate. Just a bit of barrel aging, not enough to make it too dark or heavy. Not bad, but then again, it's just another California chard. $13.

Wine 3: 2004 Ferrari Carano Fumé Blanc. California. For anyone reading, Fumé Blanc is the same thing as Sauvignon Blanc, it's just a marketing term used here in the US. Acidic fruit flavors, good general balance but it was a little hard on the finish. Very full bodied. A good wine, maybe not a great value. $16.

Wine 4: 2003 Códice. Spain. An unusual but delicious wine. It's pure Tempranillo, which is generally fairly tannic, but this has been made in a very light style, like a Grenache or Gamay. Fun and a good bargain. $10.

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