01 May 2005

Korbel Extra Dry

In my continuing quest for an inexpensive (but tasty) sparkling wine to use for my brother's wedding, I decided to try the Korbel Extra Dry. Made from Chenin Blanc and Colombard, there's some decent citrus flavors, but it's not spectacular. I served it with pulled pork sandwiches and baked beans, where it performed admirably, so think about it as a good picnic or cookout wine rather than one to enjoy on its own. $10.

Even though it's called "Extra Dry", it's actually in the middle range of sweetness. For marketing reasons that go back centuries and have to do with differing French and English tastes, here's the range of sweetness, listed here from driest to sweetest:
  • Extra Brut - probably the driest you'll see, though there are sparklers out there with no sugar at all (Brut Nature, Pas Dosé or Dosage Zero)
  • Brut - considered the proper choice for serious Champagne
  • Extra Dry - sometimes called Extra Sec, it's actually not that dry
  • Sec - the word means "dry", but it's actually sweet
  • Demi Sec - ditto
  • Doux - sweet like soda

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