29 April 2005

2002 Fusée Cabernet Sauvignon

Grabbed a bottle of the 2002 Fusée Cabernet Sauvignon at Costco today. It was only four bucks and came with a rebate coupon for $1.50. Of course, I have to mail it in, which would cost me 37¢... I don't think it's worth the effort.

The above link goes to the winery's fact sheet for the 2000, but apparently the 2002 was awarded 85 points by Wine Spectator. And I've got to say, it's deserving. This is surprisingly soft and easy drinking for a cabernet sauvignon, and with such a short finish it seems like it's got more than 6% merlot in there. Cheap wines usually have a sour aroma that can be smelled from across a table, and a taste that will haunt your tongue for hours afterwards. This one has a mild tobacco and leather nose and great fruit flavors.

Not a complicated wine, but a steal at the price. Also, since it's got a screwcap, you don't have to worry about cork taint or having a corkscrew on hand. Thus, it's a great wine for taking to a BBQ or other informal gathering.

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