22 May 2005

Tasting Notes for May 19, 2005

Wine 1: Domaine Ste. Michelle Cuvée Brut. Now I've tried 3 of the 4 basic sparklers from Domaine Ste. Michelle. I still like the blanc de noirs best. This one didn't impress me--I got mostly yeast aromas on the nose, and it was crisp and dry but with little or no flavors. $11.

Wine 2: San Simone Di Paolo Prosecco. A frizzante style sparkling wine, meaning it's only lightly fizzy. Made in the northeast corner of Italy near Venice, this is a great little sipper--light, dry, and mild citrus flavors. I don't know how well it would go with food, but I enjoyed it the more I drank it. (So there was a spare bottle left over at the end... Always make friends with the people that do the pouring.) I picked up a bottle the following day, and I think it will be great on a hot day this summer. $10.

Wine 3: 2001 Montevina Amador Zinfandel. I tasted this back in January, but liked it a lot better this round. Maybe it was the increased age, maybe it was the individual bottle, but there was something magical here. The wine smelled and tasted like Christmas. Seriously, we were all getting peppermint and pine and gingerbread aromas and flavors. It tasted great, though it felt a little out of place in the heat of May. Doesn't have a lot of strong Zinfandel flavor, but I think it's serviceable. $12.

Wine 4: 2002 A Mano Primitivo. The ancestor of Zinfandel, this wine was made in the bootheel of Italy. Personally, I thought it was a little thin, but for that reason, I think it would make an amazing reduction sauce for grilled pork. $11.

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