10 April 2005

Weekend Roundup

Time to catch up on some wines tried over the past week...

Wine 1: 2002 Dancing Bull Zinfandel. Lighter than you'd expect for a zin. A good bargain, but nothing to get too excited about. $7.

Wine 2: 2003 Twin Fin Pinot Noir. After my great experience with the cab sav from this producer, I was excited to try the pinot. I was less enthusiastic here--the wine had a sharp feel to it, and low complexity in the flavor and smell. $7.

Wine 3: 2003 Alamos Malbec. A fun red from Argentina. Please let it breathe a bit, otherwise the first glass will be off-putting. Once it airs out, there's lovely aromas of leather and good dark fruit flavors. I find this wine tastes much better with food, particularly something with a hearty tomato sauce. $10.

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