22 January 2005

First Posting

OK, here's a new blog... Tired of the old one, and I really need somewhere to keep wine reviews. What's my philosophy? Keep it simple and fun. I'm not an expert, I don't have a cellar, and I rarely keep more than three bottles on hand at the house. But I love wine, and attend at least one tasting a week. Additionally, I try to enjoy a couple of bottles a week, preferably with something I've cooked.

I tend to stick to wines in the $10-20 range, though I'll dip above or below when the quality is right. Also, I'll try to describe these pretty simply, in terms of like/dislike and what kind of food they'd go with. I find that a lot of wine descriptions aren't useful unless you attend a lot of tastings. For instance, if you tell a wine novice about the petrol aroma on top of a good riesling, it will sound really offputting, as opposed to the delightful nose of the real thing.

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