23 January 2005

2000 deLorimier Mosaic Red Meritage

I had a glass of the 2000 deLorimier Mosaic Red Meritage with my father this afternoon. It had been opened the previous night, but had been refrigerated since then.

Quick tip: If you open a bottle of wine and can't finish it in one evening, replace the cork or use a stopper and stick it in the fridge. Try to consume within three days max. For reds, let them come back up to room temperature before serving. Anything beyond three days, and the effects of all the oxygen on the wine will cause spoilage.

Here's the breakdown: 66% Cabernet Sauvignon 26% Merlot 8% Cabernet Franc. (The last grape there is a small one like Petite Sirah, but not as tart or tannic.) This is an exceptionally well-balanced wine, with classic cabernet sauvignon flavors and enough enhancing elements to make it interesting. Should be served with a great steak or rack of lamb. $30.

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