28 January 2005

2001 Mirassou California Cabernet Sauvignon

I picked a bottle of the 2001 Mirassou California Cabernet Sauvignon on a whim this afternoon. It was about relatively inexpensive ($10), and I figured three and a half years would be enough time to mellow out any harsh edges. I've got to say that I didn't like this one. I could never find an exact percentage, but to be labeled as just a cab sav it has to at least 85% of that grape, and the rest can be whatever. This one obviously has a lot of merlot in it, but it sure tastes like a lot more than 15%.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad wine, I mean, the bottle disappeared over the course of a Yankee pot roast dinner. (I don't think it was the right wine for the meal--a fuller bodied, more tannic red would have been more appropriate.) It's really hard to explain, but this wine just acted weird on the tongue. It started out reasonable enough, but the finish was almost nonexistant. Not recommended.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Benito,

We had the same response, which is why I looked it up online. A 2001 Cab, we opened it up with great expectations (got it on sale for $5!) and ended up pouring it down the drain. It was bitter and odd and never mellowed out, even after one hour. Thought I would save it for cooking, but it went bad before we could use it and I just poured it down the drain. Sad. Annemarie