25 April 2014

Headed to California

I'm posting during a big thunderstorm here in Memphis, so there's a chance that this post is going to evaporate as soon as the power goes out. But I did want to announce that I'm headed to California on Sunday for almost a week of wine tasting in the Lodi AVA. I've had a lot of wines from this area in the past, and I like their combination of tradition and experimentation. They do a lot of old school Zin, but are also willing to plant Albariño and see how it works out.

I'm going to be traveling with some of my Snooth pals. These are all good people, most of whom I've met before, and I'm going to provide some links below:

Gregory Dal Piaz - Editor at Snooth

Nannette Eaton - Wine Harlots

Amy Gross - Wine4Me

Dezel Quillen - My Vine Spot

...and looking forward to meeting Bill Eyer of Cuvée Corner.

I've got the schedule of all of the wineries and restaurants, even the menus of each meal we are going to consume. Frankly I'm headed into a 48 hour fast and cleanse to prepare for the trip. I'm looking forward to yet another great wine adventure with fellow writers I admire as well as winemakers whose products deserve serious attention. Next week I'll continue posting reviews of wines I've tasted in the past few months, but expect some great Lodi content in the first week of May.



Kayla K said...

That sounds fun! Are you all just friends and planned a trip to get her? I was in Lodi on Tuesday and although a lot were closed I only live 30 min away so I plan on visiting Jeremy Wino Co downtown first, Ripken and Harney Lane.

Ben Carter said...


The trip is sponsored by Snooth and LoCa. Most of us met on a Snooth trip to NYC last year and this is kind of a reunion trip/media tour for a handful of wine writers. It would be great to live 30 minutes away from a cool wine region--you have to drive quite a ways from Memphis before hitting a vineyard. :)


Amy Gross said...

I look forward to tasting and exploring with you and the rest of the group very soon, Ben!

Ben Carter said...