31 January 2014

2012 Martínsancho Verdejo

Super Bowl XLVIII is upon us this weekend, and there are tons of posts about which wines go best with Buffalo wings and Ro-Tel dip. I don't have a dog in this fight (and won't, until my Cleveland Browns make it back to the big one, but I'm not holding my breath. Washington is well known for its wines, though I had a memorable experience making osso buco in a hotel room with a Colorado Cabernet Franc.

Serving wine at a Super Bowl party is a little tricky, as it is generally not a popular option in a realm where beer reigns supreme. But if you're looking for something to go along well with cured meats and cheeses and li'l smokies, I'll pass along a reference for Spanish white wines. Affordable, delicious, and well-suited to dealing with all manner of salty snacks.

2012 Martínsancho Verdejo
La Seca, D.O. Rueda Superior
100% Verdejo
$20, 13.5% abv.

The starts off with a nose that is very floral with hints of jasmine and honey, yet on the palate it is dry and bright with a round body and a quick finish. Certainly a perfect match for grilled shellfish with a spritz of citrus and twist of aromatic herbs just before serving.

I enjoyed this with a few thick slices of summer sausage and Swiss cheese, which went along nicely with the roasted pistachios and crackers in a recent gift box. Great wine for appetizers and casual snacks that won't break the bank.

Note: This wine was provided as a sample for review.

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