19 July 2013

Wine Sippy Cup XL

Back in April I reviewed the Wine Sippy Cup. Now comes the upgrade: the VinoGo™ XL ($17). This one will hold just a little under half a bottle of wine, so be careful filling it up before hitting the playground or PTA meeting.

Why did I go with the "Party Pink" color option for the topper? My girlfriend Julia loves this thing, and I let her pick out the shade. I went with plain white on the first one and that was judged as boring. After posting a few pictures of it on Facebook, I noticed a lot of friendly comments about the product from some of my female friends.

I will note that beloved friends and wine experts who happen to be female have openly criticized my often casual approach to wine, such as drinking Colorado Cabernet Franc out of a hotel tumbler while making osso buco in said hotel room. And there is something to be said for the perfect wine with the perfect glass, such as my recent experience with the Riedel Malbec glass and the fact that I don't let anyone else drink out of my Gruet Riedel Champagne flute. But at the same time, wine doesn't have to be so serious 24/7.

The wine sippy cup is great for casual table wines, gentle summer sippers, or as fun gifts for a wedding or baby shower. I'm tempted to drink pomegranate juice out of it at work just to see how long it takes for someone to call Human Resources. (To any family members or co-workers reading this, I am strictly joking.)

Look: it's hot outside, it's nice to unwind with a cool glass of inexpensive wine, and I say hoist the sippy cup and enjoy yourself. Cheers!

Note: This product was provided as a sample.

1 comment:

Lisa (thewinemuse) said...

Love the concept of an adult sippy cup! They have just got to catch on don't you think.

Will have to look out for it in Australia.