02 July 2010

Tin Roof Wines

Sometimes I'll just grab a few table wines at random from the wine shop. My primary motivation is to try something I haven't had before, and depending on time constraints and selection I'll either wander around for an hour looking for hidden gems or I'll just grab whatever's shiny and new near the register.

In the latter mindset I picked up a pair of bottles from Tin Roof Cellars.

The 2007 Tin Roof Sauvignon Blanc is from the Central Coast of California. $10, 13.5% abv. Tart citrus aromas and flavor, with a creamy finish and just a hint of burnt sugar somewhere in the back. So basically, a lemon meringue pie without the sweetness.

The 2006 Tin Roof Merlot is from North/Central Coasts of California, and wasn't as enjoyable. $10, 13.5% abv. Jammy blackberry profile with a harsh tannic finish. No flaws, but really strong and rough for a four-year-old wine.

Served and sampled with breakfast for dinner: a western omelet with sourdough toast topped with blackstrap molasses. I've typically always got the ingredients to make something like this on hand, and an evening omelet is a great way to use up whatever leftovers you've got lying around.


Joe said...

i do not like eggs, but I can't get over how fun it is to cook omelets. Weird, huh?

Benito said...


I'm the same way with some desserts. Making a cake from scratch is fun, but I'm not terribly interested in eating the final product aside from a thin slice.


Allen said...

Good looking meal.

Ed Thralls said...

Thanks for making me feel old ; )

Benito said...


Nothing like a good evening omelet.


Did you mean this for the newer thread? Regardless, these little 24 year old whippersnappers are making me feel ancient. :)