13 July 2009

Enchiladas & Micheladas

After the cactus and pork tacos from last week, I was craving enchiladas. So I stewed up some more pork and made a batch of enchiladas verdes. No, I didn't roast my own tomatillos and all that jazz, but the jarred version served quite well. A pot of pinto beans and sofrito, and lunch was on the table.

This wasn't an occasion for wine. And when I'm craving an authentic beverage from south of the border, I generally turn to the Wall Street Journal for inspiration. Here's their recipe:

12 oz beer
1 oz fresh lime juice
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
2 dashes Mexican hot sauce (e.g., Cholula)

Combine ingredients and pour over ice. Several beers were mentioned in the article, but the one that sounded best to me (and that I hadn't had in a while) was Negra Modelo. I also put a little Corky's seasoning on the rim of the glass, as the salt and chili pepper would provide a nice additional kick.

The end result is a salty, savory, yet refreshing beverage with a spicy kick in the back of the throat. Since this cocktail is unusual in that it doesn't involve additional alcohol, it ends up being weaker than beer. Perfect for lunch or lighter occasions. One note--if you try and follow this up with a regular beer it will taste unbearably bland.


Allen said...

Thanks for the post and some good food. I have been on Jello and water since the Silkie Chicken.

Benito said...


Next time you're in China you ought to give it a try. Good for what ails ya.


The Wine Commonsewer (TWC) said...

I have been on Jello and water since the Silkie Chicken

LOL, Allen. No doubt.

In that same vein, Mrs TWC's boss has been doing a lot of consulting in China and assures me that there is no food in China that resembles the stuff we eat here that is often referred to as Chinese Food.

Negra Modelo is a pretty decent beer IMO.

Benito said...


I've never been to China, but I can imagine that it would be pretty exciting food-wise. I'm one of those guys that can watch Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman eating grub worms on The Travel Channel and actually get hungry.

Agreed on Negra Modelo; I prefer darker beers in general, but mostly I like something that has real flavor to it, not fizzy water with 5% alcohol.