14 May 2009

Rare Thursday Post & Endorsement

I'm considering using Tuesdays and Thursdays for some mini-reviews and other announcements. All of the long-form posts that you've come to know and love here at BWR will stay on the Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. But right now I've got 20 posts that I've written and are sitting in the queue, meaning I could go on vacation for two months and not have to write a blasted thing.

But I enjoy writing... I've just tried to keep it to a manageable level that my readers are willing to digest within a given period of time. You really don't need to hear my wild ramblings about complex math that I write at three in the morning. (Y'all would be surprised at some of the things I compose, and then delete when viewed in the light of day.)

While I'm here, I think it's an excellent opportunity to throw my support behind Hardy Wallace (author of the Dirty South wine blog) and his campaign for an internship with Murphy-Goode.

Not only is he a fellow--and founding--member of my Facebook group*, but I think the West Coast wine establishment needs more Southerners in the mix. Who are the other competitors in this race? To quote another famous Georgian, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Check out Hardy's site devoted to this endeavor, and show a brother some love.

*Southern Winebloggers That Reference Parliament Funkadelic


Samantha Dugan said...

He's got my vote!!

Hardy / Dirty said...


Thank you so much!!!

Samantha! Thank you for the vote!!!

fredric koeppel said...

you have 20 posts in the can!

Benito said...


Yeah, I have a weird writing schedule, but the benefit is that if I'm in a bad mood or just don't feel like writing, I can take off a week while still publishing from the queue. Keeps me sane and keeps the readers coming back.

Sometimes if a post sits around too long I either delete it or try to combine it with a related post.

Scott said...

that's terrific - We're a small wine shop, but we're doing a lot on Facebook & Twitter - we just launched a promotion for someone to win a B&B Dream Vacation along the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday to see how very small "mom & pops" can use social media to get the sort of results that the big guys like Queensland and Goode are doing. We'll see if people are as competitive to get a vacation as they are to get a job. More info here: http://whyineedabreak.ning.com