20 June 2008

2004 Roshambo Rock Paper Scissors Chardonnay

There's all those old French paintings where some Gallic lech painted a nude model washing dishes or scrubbing the stairs. So in the tradition of domestic chores and high art, I present the 2004 Roshambo Rock Paper Scissors Chardonnay, $10, 13.9% abv, pure Chard from Healdsburg, California. (Check out this post on the unorthodox winery by Tom Wark.) Photographed next to the iron in my hotel room, sans the naked woman. Life on the road ain't that exciting, folks. I iron my own clothes and spend the late night hours looking online for interesting restaurants in the area.

The wine is one of those big, fruity, bold California Chardonnays. Definitely good cold, and the screwcap enclosure makes it a good fit for casual gatherings. I haven't seen it in the Memphis area but it's available around Twinsburg, Ohio.

In my neck of the woods, "rock paper scissors" was a game we played as kids but we never called it by a name like Rochambeau. In fact, that never came up until this South Park episode suggested a corrolation with repeated kicks to the crotch, at which point Benito lost all interest in the game.

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