07 May 2008

2005 Joseph Drouhin Chablis

As part of my desire to enjoy better white wines, here's the 2005 Joseph Drouhin Chablis from the Chablis region of France near Burgundy. Around $20.

A nose that is slightly reminiscent of buttered popcorn, but not overly so. Overall a very bright, sunny wine, with flavors of crisp pears and green apples, with a touch of citrus on the finish.

I served this with another preparation of whole rainbow trout roasted in aluminum foil, this time with red bell peppers and pineapple. The touch of sweetness and caramelized sugars was quite nice. In the past I've used chayote squash and other ingredients, but the pineapple is a great pairing.


Duke said...

Is there a better wine than Concorde or Country Manor. Two beautiful wines that I can not resist being topped up.

Fredric Koeppel said...

2005 was a great year for Chablis (and the Loire and Burgundy)... that a basic example like this is holding up so well is a testimony to the vintage and the winemaking.