05 December 2007


I don't remember the last time I did this, but I decided to lay out one of each of the different glasses that I have (those dedicated to wine/beer/spirits). I've got at least two of each of these, and sometimes four or six. It's a bit of a jumbled mess in the cabinet, but it's fun when company comes over and I get to pull out different glasses as the beverages demand.

Two of my most useful are the snifter and the shot glass. The snifter works well for Port, Scotch, liqueurs, as well as "big beers". The shot glass is never used in my house for tequila or vodka, but rather for sauces, tiny tastes of soup, and occasional measuring for a cocktail.

From left to right, starting with the back row (favorites with an asterisk):
  • martini, Cabernet Sauvignon crystal*, Pinot Noir crystal*, Gruet-inscribed Ridel sparkling crystal*, standard sparkling wine glass,
  • Italian crystal red*, lager glass, generic wine glass, small generic wine glass,
  • pint glass, Remy Martin highball* (great for small cocktails), crystal snifter*,
  • 3 oz. shot glass, tall "shooter" shot glass,
  • standard shot glass


Barbara said...

I've just cleared out my glasses in preparation for our move to Australia. I'm tempted to throw out everything but my Riedel O series Pinot Noir glasses and then replace everything wit the O series. I love them.

naomi said...

It is much more fun to drink from glasses other than those silly breakable stems. Wine should be liberated from frou frou glassware. At least that is what I believe! Nice to see you're having fun with your bev and foods! Thanks.