21 December 2007

Benito vs. the Trout

The winter months naturally lead me towards stews, braises, and various dark, comforting dishes. However, external factors (such as The Girlfriend) lead me in the direction of lighter, healthier fare. Such was the inspiration for this dinner.

I got a couple of deboned rainbow trout and threw them in foil pouches stuffed with cilantro, sliced limes, diced chayote squash, butter, white wine, and assorted spices. My side dish involved grilled endives, though they weren't as good as when I have cooked them on an actual fire grill.

The fish was amazing, and got rave reviews all around the table. The wine I picked out was a good summery companion, the 2006 A Mano Bianco. This is a wine that comes from the bootheel of Italy, known as Puglia (or Apulia in English). It's made from 50% Fiano and 50% Greco, which means I get to add two more grapes to my list. It's light and refreshing, with great lemon notes on the nose and the palate. Short finish, good chilled or at room temperature.

Dessert was provided in the form of clementines and an interesting cheese... more on that later.

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